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Phenix Lily Pant - Women's: Phenix's mission is to create skiwears that react to movement and is comfortable under the harshest conditions. 2-way Stretch Silky Twill 2L (PE 100%) DermizaxA (R) EV: The heavy-duty fabric that redefines comfort for performance fabrics. It is configured to provide maximum comfort by: an exceptionally high resistance to water pressure (that protects against the heaviest storm precipitation conditions) and greatly improved breathability. Entrant Dermizax EV's comfortably dry feel quickly returns compared to other fabrics. Furthermore, the ultrathin membrane provides Entrant Dermizax EV with a feather smooth texture and lightweight configuration with superior water resistance rating: 20,000mmH2O and excellent breathability rating 20,000g/m2/24hrs. ThunderonA (R) Digenite Thermo: Digenite Thermo insulation contains ThunderonA (R) fiber for superior warmth and heat retention. Digenite Thermo insulation is a ceramic composite incorporating Copper Light (Sunlight and other Light) which Infrared Rays (Short and Long) which are invisible to the eye. By an exothermic heat generation from natural sunlight and body energies, generates heat and retains this heat. Digenite Thermo material absorbs these electric waves to generate heat. Furthermore, this ThunderonA (R) Digenite Thermo has strong anti-microbial and static electricity minimizing properties. 2-way Stretch: Stretch for Mobility and Silhouette It's essential to stay warm and dry when you're on the slopes, but you also want superior mobility. Phenix incorporates lightweight, pliant materials in its outerwear to make sure your skiwear doesn't limit your movement especially in key areas around the arms, waist and knees. The high-performance 2-way stretch material employed in our tops and bottoms ensure your max-ed out Mobility. These stretch materials also give Phenix Skiwear a better Silhouette with beautifully graceful lines and sculpting. Ergonomic Design: Carefully patterned by its R&D Center, Phenix's ergonomically designed skiwears give maximum freedom of movement.

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