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SketchUp is an innovative computerized drafting program that has allowed builders and craftsmen to create incredibly detailed scaled drawings for absolutely free! This SketchUp guide from Fine Homebuilding teaches you the basics of how to use the software to design buildings, and guides you through modeling a simple cabin. Whatever your skill level, this concise introduction gets you up to speed fast. Learn how to set up the program, use drawing tools, navigate in a 3-D space, sketch, refine drawings, and create a plan for a simple cabin right from your computer. Already know a little about CAD drafting? This easy-to-skim instructional video lets you focus on what's new to you. Includes sample project, tips, shortcuts, and cheat sheet. Dale Stephens has 30 years of experience in the Design/Build field, but it was his education in art that led him to pursue his current specialty of Architectural Visualization using SketchUp. He lives in the Canadian Rockies.System requirements:PC or MacA (R) computer with DVD drive. Adobe AcrobatA (R) Reader. Trimble SketchUpA (R) .Apple QuickTimeA (R) Player.All required software is free.Topics include:The SketchUp interface. Navigating in SketchUp. Merging files.Drawing a 3D- model of a cabin.Adding textures.

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